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      Product Showcase


      Guangdong Leady Intelligent Technology Co.,ltd is a professional LED industry of inteligent automation manufacturer.founded in 2002.LEADYTECH has always been committed to the development and design of test systems for automation equipment, production, sales and service of products .covered automated production lines. [detailed]
      Guangdong Brady Robot Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales and service, is the leader in the screw tightening equipment field with screw auto-locking equipment and auto-soldering equipment. The products are widely used in mobile phone, table computer, toys, communications, photo electricity and other industries in domestic and foreign market to solve the low production efficiency, the low pass rate, the labor shortage and other issues.[detailed]
      Dongguan Jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. It is a subsidiary of Leady Group, focusing on machine vision for 13 years. It is a member of the expert group of the first development standard IPC 9262CN (AOI International Standard) Development Committee, and has very rich experience in product defect detection field. [detailed]
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